Design: Studio Tecnico Ivela

BIDI Bollard is an exterior luminaire for direct light, equipped with high efficiency LED light sources of the last generation.
The use of LEDs has allowed the design of an extremely flat vertical parallelepiped, for one or two light sources.
The thinness of the fitting is further emphasized by a frame which highlights the diffuser on both sides, with an innovative visual effect.
BIDI Bollard is made up of a plastic base for ground mounting, a central extruded aluminium body and a die-cast aluminium head, complete with a thermoplastic diffuser.
It is ideal for applications in gardens, walkways and in residential outdoor areas in general, thanks to the special antioxidizing pretreatment of the pole and of the head.
The light distribution is parallel to the body, spreading far away.
BIDI Bollard is a registered design model.