New light to Trento Cathedral

The Cathedral, in Romanesque style, has been totally illuminated with COB LED techology, to better highlight the majesty and the appeal of the building.

The power of light as a symbol finds its highest intensity in worship places.
We at Ivela are fully aware of the substantial relevance of this aspect, and our design has placed a special emphasis on two key tasks of light: to underline the art and the architecture of the building, and to valorize the spiritual features of the place.
Ivela took into due consideration the history and the architecture of the Cathedral, to respect its symbolism and to valorize the shapes and the volumes of the building, discerning the different historic-artistic periods, and the different materials used.
The building combines in harmony romanic and gothic style. Apse and transept belong to the former, while the central nave shows typically gothic features: lines reaching towards the sky and wide spaces to direct gaze upwards.
The Cathedral is a three-nave church with Latin cross plan, the altar is garnished with a rich baroque canopy, recalling Berniniís Baldachin in St. Peterís Church in Rome.
The Cathedral is the townís main church with a relevant historic meaning: The Council of Trent, held in the Cathedral between 1545 and 1563 was a key event in Europe's history, that marked the end of the former world, while it defined many Catholic practices still current to this day.


Piazza del Duomo, 38122 Trento


Arcidiocesi di Trento

Lighting project:

Ivela spa Arch. Roberto De Zorzi -  Ma.Pa.Lux snc Trento Arch. Manuel Petrolli

Works direction:

Ma.Pa.Lux snc Trento


Elettroluce snc Trento


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