Ivela Architetturale Together Collection 2018

Combining 30+ years of R&D and manufacturing skills with a
new Architectural approach

Ivela operates in the Lighting Industry and manufactures technically superior Made in Italy lighting fixtures since 30+ years.

We are now combining the R&D, engineering and production facilities assets with a new strategic approach to the Architectural Lighting Market.


Ariostea Naples: light for design

In the functional location of Agnano, Ariostea Naples is born, a showroom in co-branding  with Ivela....

Balti 150

Multifunctional one-room flat in Paris

EDB Studio has refurbished a small one-room flat in the Marais...

Piazza del Vento symbol of the 57th Genoa Boat Show

The city of Genoa has a new urban landmark.......

New light to Trento Cathedral

The Cathedral has been totally illuminated with COB LED techology, to better highlight...


Ariostea Naples: light for design

Ariostea Showroom inauguration in Agnano (Naples).

Multifunctional one-room flat in Paris

EDB Studio has refurbished a small one-room flat in the Marais district.....

Recessed dimmable track DKM

Recessed dimmable electrified track DKM

The ability to manage the intensity of the light fluxes of each individual light source independently...

Piazza del Vento in Genoa

It was inaugurated last 21st September at the entrance of the 57th Genoa International Boat Show.....

Perfetto Compact-S

Perfetto Compact-S

Perfetto Compact-S is the suspended version of Perfetto Compact spotlight.

Miniperfetto spotlight for LKM electrified tracks


The Miniperfetto series of spotlights for electrified tracks is synonymous with versatility: one design, multiple applications...

We are in operations in the marine contract business with our Ialux division, specialized in lighting design and production of LED fittings matching the specific needs of the cruise ships industry.

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