Lighting has always been a process that arouses amazement, a tool that can shape artificial scenes and bring life and movement.

In Ivela we believe in empowering choice and we provide designers with minimalist products with a multitude of options. Pure shapes, clean lines and gentle apertures that deliver precise performance where needed.

The brand

Starting with the building blocks of IVELA’s 35+ years’ experience of engineering and manufacturing for the lighting industry and project management for marine hospitality, we have worked closely with designers and architects to develop new tools for their project needs.

We combine Italian design, world-class manufacturing expertise and cut-edge control technology to empower integrated architectural sustainable performances.

back to the origins

In 2019 Ivela created a new architectural lighting brand, Aria Lighting, able to offer high-level solutions to designers and architects for both indoor and outdoor.

The transition from Aria to Ivela occurs within the establishment of Starlight Group, a holding company set up in 2021 by Star Capital SGR, which gathers high-level companies and brands in the lighting panorama: Ivela, Elcom, ZetaQLab and Ialux, BU marine of Ivela.

Ivela returns to represent the light design brand par excellence, thanks to its historicity and recognition in the technical-architectural field for custom and digital solutions.

Our values

01. Wireless Control

Technological development and high performance as a boost to excellence.

02. Customization

Attention to detail and the best supplies research as the essence of our progress.

02. Made in Milan

Milan-based, we participate in the design history of the city.