Ivela SpA

Born in 1986, our company has reached in a few years a leading position in the production, strictly made in Italy, of high quality architectural lighting fittings.

Where do we come from

We manufacture premium Made in Italy lighting fixtures in Milan, since 1986. Focusing primarily on the OEM side of the lighting industry we have developed deep skills in R&D, engineering and product management and we have created a massive production facility located in Liscate, suburbs of Milan.

Our new Strategic Architectural Approach

Basing on the manufacturing assets we have developed in 30+ years we are now approaching the Architectural lighting market with a strategic focus –we develop new families of luminaires to allow the design of connected interior and exterior spaces, as well as of combined retail/hospitality areas, providing a common design and technical performance.

Ivela. A real manufacturer-partner


Our clients know they can rely on us due to our skills and expertise; we are at their disposal with the best of our professionalism and experience to design the right solutions for every kind of project

Where we work

Innovation relies on constant touch with the outer world and impulse towards excellence…

Quality & Design

Our professionalism arises from the very first steps in the conception and development of new products...

Sustainable development

Environmental policies play a major role in the context of our operations since ever respectful of the planet...

Synergies for successful projects

We at Ivela follow a customer-oriented company policy, being at the customer’s side in all project steps in terms of lighting design, due consideration of budget constraints and accurate product development.
Our industrial and sales operations are carefully designed to supply a wide range of products to match all lighting needs, both in indoors and in outdoors. A number of additional services complete our performance resulting in reliable and innovative partnership relations with our customers.

We are in operations in the marine contract business with our Ialux division, specialized in lighting design and production of LED fittings matching the specific needs of the cruise ships industry.

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