What we do

Behind the quality of our products a proudly Italian company works with the full support of celebrated designers.
Analysis of materials, state-of-the-art technology and customization are the key factors contributing to our success as a true partner-manufacturer for 360° lighting solutions.

Application typology

Every lighting designer knows how important the choice of the right light is to valorize space and architecture: our catalogue offers a wide and differentiated range of products for all the lighting projects.

Full availability of customized solutions to best match the different needs in terms of light and finishes makes Ivela a reliable and competent partner.

Use typology

Our products can provide a solution for all the lighting needs in both indoor and outdoor areas: every environment deserves the best valorization.

Design, quality of materials and finishes, certifications. And an Italian brand with thirty years experience on the market.

New 2017 collection

This collection is the result of a research carried out by the Technical Office in close cooperation with the other departments and with external designers. Highly innovative products, all featuring the integration of high efficiency LED sources to match the growing needs in terms of environmental sustainability and reduction of energy consumption.

Design comes to represent the function of the fittings that must be less and less visible providing at the same time a source of high quality light combined with low energy consumption.

Technology (LED)

Lighting has a significant impact on energy consumption, especially if obsolete sources are used. Operating costs can be substantially reduced installing LED fittings, with the additional benefit of constant functionality and low CO2 emissions. The LED technology means total installation efficiency (W/m2) and maintenance costs reduced to a minimum.

We at Ivela believe and invest in this technology, designing and manufacturing growingly efficient and miniaturized lighting fittings. A fully aware choice to offer you the best. Always.

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