Microperfetto IP66
Microperfetto IP66 Cupcake

The essential tool
with a high potential

The new generation of IVELA’s exterior projectors, featuring a cylindrical shape, is designed to enhance passageways, porches and patios. Thanks to their minimal design and miniaturized dimensions, they aesthetically contribute to the choice of outdoor furniture, in a discreet and extremely proportionate way. Their easy and quick installation and their high resistance, thanks to the special antioxidising treatment and the silicone gaskets, make them very efficient and versatile. They are available also with Dim To Warm technology.

Consistency of style

The Microperfetto IP66 and Microperfetto IP66 Cupcake collection is created to illuminate outdoor spaces, but design and performance coherently accompany the project also in hybrid spaces between indoors and outdoors. Suggesting a perceptual continuity of the permeable in & out border.

The elegance of being micro

Extensive research in development and design is the foundation to produce these new and high level projectors. This range performs minimalism as its key feature, with almost imperceptible products, minimizing the invasive appearance of the fitting, focusing on the details to be enhanced.

In&Out: a new concept
for the future

These new IVELA projectors are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations and fit perfectly for the Together idea, i.e. luminaires with a consistent design that are well suited to different architectural settings and locations: from outdoor ceiling or ground applications, with spike, bracket or pole, to ceiling mounted indoor installations, such as bathrooms and spas, where a high lighting performance, but also an excellent level of protection against the passage of liquids are needed.


Microperfetto IP66

Microperfetto IP66 is the new one in the external spotlights range, for applications in the ground, with a spike or a bracket. It's easy to install and it guarantees, thanks to the special antioxidising treatment and the silicone gaskets, a high protection rating IP66.


Microperfetto IP66

Microperfetto IP66 Cupcake enriches the external spotlights range. It is a versatile product ideal not only for external solutions but also for indoor ones. Thanks to the special antioxidising treatment and the silicone gaskets, it guarantees an excellent waterproof level, but also a high lighting performance.